Friday, July 17, 2009

Proof of Claim forms for Nortel US creditors

When Nortel entered Chapter 11 many of us became unsecured creditors. This happened when Nortel ceased to pay non-qualified pensions,and severance, and prevented access to deferred compensation, plus other categories.

In order to have our claims recognized and considered in the final court settlements it is essential that all creditors lodge their proof of claim with the company responsible for the court dockets:- Epiqsystems.

Over the last six months many people have completed proof of claim forms and submitted them to Epiqsystems. Many of us have been waiting for decisions to be made in terms of the method of calculation and also the reference bar code needed for the forms.

Nortel has petitioned the court to hear their case on August 4th regarding the deadline for submitting the proof of claims forms. If the court agrees with the proposed bar date of September 30th, Epiqsystems will start sending out forms with the official barcode on them to all creditors on their list.

I confirmed this information today by phoning Epiqsystems and they think it will be in the first or second week of August that they will send out the forms. This still gives us at least a month to complete the forms and send them back in. Check the EpiqSystem website at for the address to send the claims form.

In the meantime you need to get prepared to calculate your claim and gather up all the supporting documentation to go with it. The NRPC steering committee will be giving an update through the web site as soon as they hear from Segal as to how the claims will be calculated. Please check that site to look for updates and as soon as I hear I will publish it here also.

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