Friday, April 2, 2010

Diane Urquhart You Tube Video

You tube video of Diane Urquhart speaking on pension reform and the proposed to the CCAA and BIA

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    CBC Radio "The Current" on 2 Nov 2009
    Nortel - Long-Term Disability

    Interviews by Anna Maria Tremonti with an LTD employee Josee Marin, the NRPC LTD rep Sue Kennedy and independent financial analyst Diane Urquhart.

    You can listen to the interview by clicking on "Listen to Part Three" at this web link:

    Here is the quoted text from The CBC webpage.

    Nortel - Long-Term Disability

    When Josee Marin became too sick to work, a lot of things in her life changed.
    Josee Marin worked in a lab at Nortel, a job she loved. After multiple diagnoses, she ended up on long-term disability. It was less than her salary, but enough to get by. But now, with Nortel in bankruptcy proceedings, she and about 400 other Nortel workers stand to lose those payments entirely.

    It's estimated that more than a million other Canadians have benefit plans that would be in jeapordy - in the event their employer went bankrupt. And this morning, as part of our on-going series Work In Progress, we looked at the fine print on some of those plans and asked if there's anything that can or should be done about it.

    Sue Kennedy has been appointed by the court to represent the group of Nortel employees on long-term disability. She is also a Nortel employee on long-term disability and she was in Ottawa.

    Nortel - Benefit Plans

    Diane Urquhart is an independent financial analyst. She is volunteering to help the group of Nortel employees on Long-Term Disability. But she also has concerns for other Canadians whose benefit plans could be in jeopardy. Diane Urquhart was in Toronto.