Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nortel estate mediation representation

The mediation proceedings are underway to determine how the Nortel Global estate will be subdivided between concerned parties. I have not heard what Canadian representation there is to defend the rights of the Canadian pensioners and LTD, so I have sent the following email to Koskie Minksy (attorneys representing Canadian Pensioners and LTD) to see if I can get further details.

To Koskie Minsky.

I am a Nortel Pensioner living in the U.S.A. I have a claim against the Nortel US estate for unpaid non-qualified pension, and I also will have a claim against the Nortel Canadian estate for the shortfall on my Canadian pension in the trust fund.

The division of the Nortel estate between all countries involved has not been determined in an amicable fashion so far. As a result the decision is now being mediated in proceedings happening in New York State.

There are a number of parties at those proceedings representing various interests. I wish to know if Koskie Minsky is involved in those mediation discussions on behalf of the Nortel Canadian pensioners and LTD.

The US pension trust fund is represented through the PBGC which is part of the unsecured creditors committee and is involved in the discussions.

The UK pension trust fund is represented by the UK Trustee who obtained agreement from the court to participate in the discussions.

I have not seen anything listing the representatives from Canada, and since there is no Canadian federal agency concerned about the survival of pension trust funds after bankruptcy, (unlike the UK and USA), the government is not directly involved, or apparently interested.

As our attorneys, I would like to know what Koskie Minsky is doing to ensure that the Canadian Nortel Pension Trust Fund is properly defended against the demands of the people representing creditors from other countries on the total Nortel estate?


  1. Thank you from a Cdn. Nortel pensioner.

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