Saturday, January 1, 2011

Canadian NRPC Annual dues

The NRPC have issued a newsletter sent by email to their paying membership.
One item on the newsletter and also published on the NRPC website is the request for members to pay an annual dues of $20 CDN.

For those of you who wish to join or re-join you can do so by logging on to their website and following the instructions.

Personally I think the $20 fee is reasonable considering the work that they are doing to try to help us. Perhaps the fee could be waived for disabled people, and widows or widowers of retired Nortel people who wish to join.

I know that there are many Nortel retirees and ex-employees who are not members of the NRPC and that's their choice. Perhaps it's because they don't know about it, or because they just don't want to join for various reasons.

I believe firmly that all ex-Nortel people should get what ever information is out there on this situation, whether you are a member of the NRPC or not so I will continue to try to keep people informed as we go through these difficult times.

Please feel free to pass on my blog address to your friends and colleagues. However, I would like to point out that the information I place on this blog is not a substitute for being a member of the NRPC and receiving information directly from them. But since my interest is in both Canada and the USA I will try to provide updates for both areas.

I hope this new year will bring some closure to the situation and that it will be better than our expectations.

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