Saturday, March 5, 2011


Liquidity Solutions called me again to ask if I was interested in selling my claim against Nortel US to them. They were offering 44cents on the dollar for the value of my claim. As I indicated in my last post, another person published on the Yahoo Nortel Pension group that he has actually sold his claim to a different company for more than 55 cents on the dollar. However he pointed out that most of these companies are interested in claims that include severance and they also want to take over your right to sue Nortel in any class action suit later. Perhaps they know something that we don't and the claims will actually be worth a lot more than they are offering.

I have also seen postings where people don't think that there will be any payback to us at all, so it is hard to know what to do exactly. I think that the people offering to buy claims have done this in the past and they have the resources to determine what the estimated payout will be. They are taking a risk however, but they must think it is worthwhile. So I am not planning to sell my claim to them. I may regret that if the payout is less or non existent.

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  1. Tom, Did you have a contract for severance or were you laid off after they filed for bankruptcy?