Monday, April 11, 2011

Nortel Canada Severance Claims- Misinformation

The following information was posted on the Koskie Minsky site on April 6 2011

IMPORTANT: Incorrect Information Being Circulated re Nortel Severance Claims

There is incorrect information being circulated relating to the claims against the Canadian estate of Nortel. All employment- based claims will be dealt with through a special “Compensation Claims Process”. You will be notified about that process once it has been finalized. Your claims will be calculated for you as part of that process. You will be provided with a claims package which identifies the nature and amount of the claims that will be made on your behalf, and a summary of the data from Nortel’s records upon which your claims have been calculated. Before the claims process can be implemented, court approval will be required. Koskie Minsky and the court-appointed representatives (Donald Sproule, Michael Campbell, David Archibald and Susan Kennedy) will be conducting information sessions and/or webinars to explain the process and the basis for calculating your claims.

Please disregard any information you receive relating to the Compensation Claims Process unless it arrives from Koskie Minsky, Ernst & Young or the court-appointed Representatives. Please note that the Compensation Claims Process in Canada has not yet been finalized. It is not necessary to take any action at this time and it will not be necessary (except in very few special circumstances) to fill out a claim form. Any documentation that is delivered to Ernst & Young Inc. will not be accepted at this time.

Please contact the NRPC through their website at, or Koskie Minsky at 1.866.777.6344 or by email at if you have any questions relating to the Compensation Claims Process. However, at this time, none of Koskie Minsky, the NRPC or the Monitor are able to advise you about the amount of your severance claim because it has not yet been calculated.

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