Sunday, June 26, 2011

Asset allocation

The courts have agreed to further mediation talks and some of the parties involved have been pressing to have their very large claims considered as part of these talks. Frankly I think the size of claims should not have any impact whatsoever on the allocation of assets. It's unfortunate if in Europe the companies that Nortel took over were not keeping the pension funds at adequate levels especially considering the very lenient rules required to retire in some of the European countries. I think the governments of those countries affected should have had proper regulations in place to ensure pension funding. The same applies to Canada. The pension regulations there is antediluvian.

The asset allocation needs to be determined on other attributes like product development history, sales volume, manufacturing supply, number of employees, research funding. Bringing claim size into that picture distorts the formula, in my view, in favor of those who can talk loudest and dream up the best claim stories. How is it possible that EMEA can have claims bigger than the US and Canada combined? That doesn't make any sense. It's clear to me that these claims from EMEA are not Bona Fide.

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