Thursday, December 10, 2009

Koskie Minsky Webinar - Jan 7, 2010

For Canadian retirees and ex-employees of Nortel, Koskie Minksy/NRPC are planning to hold another webinar on Jan 7, 2010. I listened to the last two and found a lot of useful information. Although it is mainly focused at Canadians, those of you in the USA and UK may also hear useful discussions that could apply to your situation. Koskie Minksky and the volunteers at NRPC made a very good attempt at answering all the questions submitted. Following the webinar, the slides used during the presentations and the answers to all the questions were published on the NRPC web site.

It is now almost a year since Nortel entered bankruptcy protection, and the time is approaching when they may opt to fully liquidate and wind up the pension plan and on going health plans. Hence this webinar may be a very important review of what we can expect and what we can do to ensure we recoup as much as possible of our impacted benefits.

The following information may be found on the NRPC web site. See the link on the right hand column.

Koskie Minsky Webinar - Jan 7, 2010
Mark your calendars. We will be holding another webcast with our legal representatives, Koskie Minsky LLP, on Thursday, January 7, 2010, at 3:00 PM. Instruction on how to register and join the webinar will follow shortly. Hundreds of former employees found a similar webinar last August to be very valuable and we expect this one to be just as beneficial to you in understanding the issues around your lost benefits, the processes involved, and what progress is being made


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