Saturday, December 4, 2010

Canadian Bill C-501 last week end before vote.

As published on the NRPC web site, by one of the NRPC leaders.

Friday, 03 December 2010

Thursday, 2 Dec, was the last day of C-501 hearings before the INDU committee gets back together for clause by clause discussion and voting on Dec. 7.

This is the tale of two pressures. One from corporations including bank executives lead by John Manley and supported by the government; and the other pressure mainly coming from former Nortel employees with support from unions and pensioner organizations.

Many spoke on all sides that former Nortel employees were caught in a worst possible economic condition i.e., the perfect storm which is not likely to repeat for a long long time. Many in expensive suits said "It is unfortunate" (to their shame), as opposed to something should be done to relieve their condition. Bruce Robertson, Chief Restructuring Officer of AbitibiBowater Inc. said that lenders when they lend, protect themselves from the worse condition the company may be subjected to. So it is OK for lenders to protect themselves from the worse market condition but it is not OK for pensioners to protect themselves from the market's worst condition. This is where the imbalance lies. It is too bad that fairness, that all too human quality evaporates with greed. Our only hope, as I see it, is a special arrangement of accommodation.

My reading is, and I emphasize my reading, that the conservatives will use the same tactic they used to kill the S-216 in the Senate by bringing a motion to drop it and not go clause by clause on Dec. 7. But here they need the support of the Liberals to succeed. That is why in my opinion Mike Lake (conservative) said further amendments would be accepted up till and including Monday Dec. 8. Will the Liberals try to work something out with the conservatives or the NDP? That is the big question.

This is why we should continue sending emails to committee members emphasizing the unique circumstances Nortel retirees have been subjected to during this unprecedented global market collapse. Why should we be sacrificed at the altar of the Canadian Market to restore the Canadian economy? You have Friday, the weekend and Monday only to impress them. That is it for now, and we will wait the outcome at the very important Dec. 7 C-501 meeting. Based on that outcome we shall move to our next phase. See some emails by other warriors below.

Pressure must still be put on BCE and RB - both companies made representations at the hearings to let the former employees suffer. I suppose their lobbyists (Former Liberal minster Don Boudria hired by BCE and often quoted by the conservatives former Liberal minster of everything, John Manley) have to give the OK for any plan of special arrangement of accommodation for former affected employees of Nortel. Note that BCE has not replied, is it arrogance or smart politics?

Wait till you see “ The Royal Bank and Bell Canada supported by the Conservative Government broke my life!”

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