Monday, December 13, 2010

Youtube video urging action in Canada

There hasn't been any good news from the Canadian government to help the Nortel disabled people who will lose their benefits Jan 1 2011. In spite of all the demonstrations, meeting, letters, court cases, and newspaper articles, the Nortel disabled face disaster in less than 3 weeks.

The pensioners wait their turn as the new year arrives and they find out how badly their trust fund is under water.

Where's all the Canadian sympathy? Where's all the usual heartwarming assistance that we expect when we think of Canadians? Does no one care what is going to happen, especially to these disabled people who have no where else to turn?

I just got so mad at this that I made a short video and uploaded it to Youtube to express my feelings and to heap shame and embarrassment on Canada and especially the Canadian government.

Please pass it on, and send it to all those MPs and Senators who are sitting around examining their navels instead of helping these people who are in desperate straits.

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  1. Thank you from Dave, another Nortel pensioner.