Thursday, August 6, 2009


The following is a (edited) notice published on the Nortel Retirements Protection Committee web site.

In light of the emergency meeting by the Canadian House of Commons regarding Nortel, the Canadian NRPC committee has just been issued A PERMIT TO DEMONSTRATE IN FRONT OF THE PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, FROM 9:00 AM, UNTIL 11:00, on FRIDAY AUGUST 7 2009. Arrive at 8:45 to set up.

Demonstrators has been asked to position themselves between the main stairs and the
Centennial Flame on the paved areas only. No person is permitted to block pedestrian traffic along sidewalks.


A Parliamentary committee will hold emergency hearings on the sale of Nortel Networks Corp.

The House of Commons industry committee is expected to hear from witnesses representing Nortel, Ericsson and rival bidder Research in Motion, as well the Industry Department.

The hearings will be televised, The companies were informed of the hearing on Tuesday night, and have all agreed to send representatives.

Signs must NOT exceed 16 X 24 INCHES, on 1 INCH by 1 INCH POSTS. NO SHARP POINTS ON THE POSTS. Nothing you have on your person should be able to be used as a weapon. Be careful not to be enticed by others to commit any violent act and thus discredit us.

Tell as many people as you can.

Ottawa Nortel Pensioners

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