Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Epiq confirms that claims forms will be mailed to creditors

In an earlier post I mentioned that Epiq Systems had told me they would mail claim forms to Nortel creditors once a bar date had been set by the court. I spoke to a representative of Epiq Systems today and he confirmed that Epiq will be mailing claim forms that have been bar coded along with some guidelines to all creditors listed on the creditor's list.

All creditors should check that list to make sure their names and addresses are on there and are correct. If your name is not on that list call Epiq at 866 897 6435 to have it corrected.

You can find the creditors list on the epiq web site shown in the right hand column on this page. The list is docket number 801. Use the search tool to find your name on the list since it is 850 pages long.

The Epiq representative told me the mailing would be happening soon. We have until Sept 30th to have the claims submitted and registered. Look for the mailing in the next 2 weeks. If you haven't received the form in that time I would encourage you to call Epiq again. Don't wait too late to send in your form and allow for delivery issues so that, if necessary, you can resend it in time.

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