Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nortel Retirees in US with Canadian Pensions

The NRPC & Koskie Minsky Q & A has some information that applies to those of us with Canadian pensions who are living in the US.

Koskie Minsky will represent all (non-union) retirees with Nortel Canadian pensions in the Canadian case including those living in the US. KM is negotiating the claims process with the Canadian court and lawyers and will contact all affected Nortel ex-employees with Canadian pensions. KM will assist people in calculating and filing their claims regardless of the country or province of residence.

The Canadian pension claim process has not yet been determined. Claims will relate to any shortfall in the pension trust fund so it is difficult to determine what the claims are until the pension trust fund situation is clarified. This will likely occur if the pension is transferred to the Ontario superintendent in the event that the Nortel pension plan is wound up.

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