Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Submitting claims against Nortel

The NUSRPC has written an email to its paying members to let them know that Segal will be sending out information this week to a number of the members who have non-qualified pensions. Segal has received the information from Nortel/Mercer and has completed the calculations. They will send the information by email.

A confirming email will also be sent by the NUSRPC so look out for that and make sure you get your claim forms sent in well before the bar date of September 30th 4:00PM Eastern Time.

The forms to use are the ones that were sent to you by Epiq Systems. They have a bar code, a schedule number, but no $ amount entered. Attach the Segal calculations to your form and enter the amount on the bar coded form.

For people with severance claims only the total amount for the severance owed can be claimed. The NUSRPC has been told that interest cannot be added to the claim.

For people with deferred compensation claims, the NUSRPC has been told that you should use the amount that was posted on your account as of January 31, 2009.

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