Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Segal calculations on claims

Like many other people I am a little anxious about the looming deadline of September 30th for claims against Nortel. Those of us who are paying members of the NRPC are waiting for Segal to complete their calculations and forward the information to us.

To this point I have not received any information directly from Segal or the NRPC regarding when Segal will get this information to me. I was told second hand that it should arrive within a week. Let's hope that is true. My backup plan is to file my proof of claim based on my own calculations if I haven't heard anthing by the middle of next week. Then if Segal does provide something that differs I can file an amended claim.

The problem is that once this deadline is past there is no way the court will accept any more claims. So we need to make sure our claims are there in good time and registered into the EpiqSystems database.

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