Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canada- J. Tyson opinion piece in Ottawa Citizen

The following piece was published in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday. I'm sure all other Nortel Canadian pensioners feel the same way. Don't forget your votes count too.

Nortel victims are dancing with demagogues

The Ottawa CitizenJuly 30, 2010

As a Nortel pensioner, unsecured in bankruptcy protection, I have on numerous occasions written to our Ottawa area Conservative MPs, beginning in January 2009.

Stating the plight of Nortel displaced employees, pensioners, and long-term disabled, I have pleaded with them to represent and support the constituents within their ridings. To date, I have been distressed by their responses that are filled with deflections, double-speak, and ambivalence. As they transfer fault back to us, the victims, I wonder if I am I dancing with demagogues who simply don't give a damn.

Ottawa West-Nepean MP John Baird, Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Gordon O'Connor, and Nepean-Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre represent thousands of former Nortel employees for whom justice-in-bankruptcy will end on Sept. 30. It is time they stop the platitudes expressing concern and address the issue. The date is real and action is required -- now.

What will these MPs say to thousands of their constituents who have lost 35+ per cent of their pension on Oct. 1. How will they personally, and publicly, rationalize their guaranteed life-time pensions and benefit security?

I implore them to consider the future impact of their position and re-election. It is time to do the right thing. It is time to publicly show political will and courage. Will they continue to succumb to powerful lobbyists, or will we be abandoned as disposable victims of the unconscionable harm inflicted by the current bankruptcy laws?

In eight short weeks we will know the answer. Let it not be said; " Sirs, you had a choice "

John Tyson,


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