Monday, July 19, 2010

Nortel US Medical Benefits conference calls

In the original mailed announcement by Nortel that they were terminating medical benefits, they stated that there would be conference calls with United Healthcare on specific dates for to give retirees more information about the UHC plans.

With Nortel's recent withdrawal of the court motion to terminate the benefits I am not sure what that will do to their plan. However the conference calls may give us some more information as to what is happening.

The calls are scheduled for July21, July24, and August 4 and the number is 1-800-260-0702. For retirees over 65, the calls will be at 10:00am Central Daylight Time. For retirees under 65 the calls will be at 1:00pm CDT. The access code is 161018# Remember the calls are scheduled on Central Daylight Time so check to make sure what the time is on your time zone.


  1. Tomorrow, there is scheduled a live meeting in Raleigh NC to present the United Health Care plans. I'm attending and will see what they have to say. It could be a sign on the door saying "Never Mind", a United Health Care presentation as if nothing happened or, best of all, a rep from Nortel could fill us in on what is currently planned. I'll report back when I find out.

    Dave in Chapel HIll, 24 years with Nortel, laid off with early retirement in 2001.

  2. Meetings today in Raleigh were canceled. Business as usual until we are notified again they will be canceling our insurance.

    jim wheeler

  3. There were about 40 people at the Raleigh meeting this afternoon. A Nortel HR rep spoke, saying the meeting was canceled and read the legal notice that came in the mail. HR is preparing a letter to be sent to everyone. She took a few questions. The conference calls are canceled. One questioner got upset, berating Nortel about the company's handling of the situation.

    There were a few copies of the letter from legal being passed around, but I would say that almost all of the people there had no idea what was happening.