Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letters of objection to Nortel motion in US court

The letters have been pouring into the US bankruptcy court objecting to the motion by Nortel US to terminate the medical, long term care, and disability benefits. There are close to 100 objections already registered. The letters are displayed on the Epiq Systems web site.

Many of the letters are heartbreaking, telling stories of the dedicated service people have provided to Nortel only to be treated in this shabby manner. Many people are totally dependent on the disability payments and will suffer enormously as a result if this motion is allowed to pass. Other people are suffering from severe medical problems that are life threatening and their treatment is in jeopardy if the benefits are cut off. You can access the letters by clicking on the Epiq link in the right hand column and then clicking on dockets. Open the document (in blue) in each docket to read specific letters.

Judge Gross has a lot to read, and a lot to think about. Surely he will take notice and do the right thing and dismiss this motion.

Even though the July 6th deadline has now passed, you can still send a letter of objection. The deadline was only for those people who wished to attend the hearing. They needed to register the objection formally by that date. However you can still have your voice heard by writing a letter per the instructions I posted earlier. (Look in the post archive to find the details.)

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