Monday, February 21, 2011

Bill C-501 no longer includes pensions

The Canadian politicians using all their back room skills managed to torpedo the pension references in the bill so that now it only addresses termination and severance payments.

Once again the Canadian government has shown how little it cares for the elderly and the disenfranchised. There was never any intention by those in power to support the Nortel pensioners in their time of need. Instead they played along, made promises and lied in order to buy time and to work deals to ensure that we pensioners once again are pushed to the bottom of the heap. Our plight and the desperate situation of the disabled Nortel people means nothing to these professional leeches.

Instead of living under the dictates of a single authoritarian like those Middle Eastern countries now in turmoil, Canada appears to live under the dictates of an anointed few who care nothing for the real people. Is that really democracy?

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