Monday, February 14, 2011

Offer to purchase claim

I received an interesting call today from Liquidity Solutions. They are making offers to unsecured creditors of Nortel to purchase claims at 40 cents on the dollar. I think that may be a good indication that the market thinks the Nortel estate will be worth more than 40 cents on the dollar. in fact I received an email from a colleague who had seen discussions that the outstanding Nortel bonds are selling around 80 cents.

So I think I am going to hold off selling at this point. Liquidity Solutions are sending me information about their offer. When I receive it I will post it here. I presume that this is related to the Nortel US company since that is the only one I have a claim against at this point

Here is some information on the bond sales sent to me by the colleague I mentioned above.,,SB10001424052748703960804576120463615113454,00.html

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  1. Interesting! In 2009, there were reports of solicitations at 10-20 cents on the dollar.