Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nortel Canada Tel. No. discontinued

The following post was made on the Yahoo Nortel Pension Group regarding a message from Don Treen to NRPC members concerning the discontinuance of the 1-800 telephone number in Canada for Nortel.

We have been informed by Nortel US that the Canada 1-800 number for updating personal information with Nortel is no longer active. The number now is 1-919-905-9351. We had not been previously advised that this was going to occur and are disappointed that this step was taken without consultation with any of the employee/retiree representatives. Please ensure that if you have recently moved or had other personal life changes that you make the necessary changes to your records by calling the above number. You should put this number in your personal papers in the event that future changes need to be made.

Donald Treen

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