Sunday, March 28, 2010

NRPC appearance at the Canadian Finance Committee

Don Sproule and Bernrd Neuschwander of the NRPC along with Diane Urquhart appeared before the Canadian Parliamentary Finance Committee on March 25th to put forward the case for amending the BIA to provide preferred status for LTD people, pensioners, and severed employees of companies like Nortel who have gone into bankruptcy proceedings.

You can watch the full proceedings by following the link in the NRPC website at:

The proceedings are in English and French and include representation from Nortel as well as other people from other companies in bankruptcy and individuals affected by bankruptcies.

Diane Urquhart was extremely convincing in her arguments regarding the need to make this amendment and especially for the LTD people who will fall into poverty unless some drastic action is taken immediately. The case put forward by Don, Bernard and Diane certainly got the attention of the committee which includes representatives from all parties, and there appears to be a sympathetic ear.

Like all governments however, changes like this take a long time and although the outcome from this session seems to be positive, I think it will require a lot more public support and encouragement to make it happen.

I think we should all extend our thanks to Don and Bernard and especially Diane for taking up this cause and being well prepared and eloquent in stating our case.

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