Sunday, March 14, 2010

Questions on you tube for PM Harper

The voting is closed on YOU TUBE on the questions to be asked of Canadian PM Harper on Tuesday. I found a number that have been listed that concern the Nortel Pension and the Canadian Insolvency Act. I have copied the questions along with the votes they received for thumbs up or thumbs down.

The results are disappointing. I expected to see a lot more people voting on the pension issue. Instead there were at least 70 other questions deemed more important by Canadian voters on You Tube. The vast majority of the popular questions were regarding the legalization of marijuana. Obviously the general public in Canada has no idea what is being done to pensioners as a result of the inadequate laws in Canada.

The Prime Minister will answer a selection of the top-voted questions in an exclusive YouTube interview on Tuesday March 16, 2010 at 7 p.m. ET.

Here are the pension related questions I saw:

"Are you committed to and planning on fast-tracking action that will result in Justice in Bankruptcy by fixing the CCAA and BIA NOW to save thousands of pensioners from bankrupt companies like Nortel from poverty?"
buffiesue1, belleville votes: 171 up 63 down.

""When are you going to fix the BIA and address abandoned Nortel Pensioners?""
Brian Walton, - votes: 85 up, 13 down

close video"When are you going to fix the BIA and address abandoned Nortel Pensioners?" regie, Ottawa - votes: 111 up, 48 down

"Why haven't you shown a caring and swift response to the plight of Nortel pensioners who have been attempting to change the BIA so that all Canadian citizens' pensions in the private sector would be protected when bankruptcy occurs?"
Sherry, - votes: 86 up, 9 down.

"I am outraged that Pensioners can be treated as they have by Nortel. Immediate amendments are required to the BIA to give preferred status to the claims of Pensioners and Disabled of companies to ensure this immoral situation does not continue." Jerry, Ottawa - votes: 14 up, 5 down.

"COUNT THAT YOU DO TO RECOVER THE AMOUNTS DUE TO RETIREMENT OF THE FOLLOWING NORTEL NORTEL BANKRUPTCY? imagine the reaction if we cut PENSIONS OF STAFF BY 30% TO 40%??" ex-Nortel, st-Lambert - votes: 19 up, 5 down

"Mr. Prime Minister, Will your government make it a priority to amend the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act as soon as possible so that Nortel Pensioners, Disabled and Terminated employees are protected when this formerly great company is liquidated?"
pzeeman, Ottawa - votes:179 up, 95 down

Please explain why the government is so reluctant on changing the BIA so that pensioners from bankrupt companies have the same rights as other creditors. Specifically Nortel at this time."
nagerry, Montreal,QC - votes: 35 up, 8 down

"You state "Canada's retirement income system is the strongest in the world" I disagree! Will you amend the antiquated BIA immediately to give Canadian employee and pension claims preferred status so my Nortel pension will not be reduced by 30-40%?" A Nortel pensioner, Calgary - votes: 147 up, 56 down

"Please explain, how is it that Nortel pensioners to the south(USA) and overseas (UK) are protected by their governments re bankruptcy and we in Canada are NOT ??? The BIA needs to be changed now."
nagerry, Montreal,QC - votes: 41 up 6 down

"Are you committed to fast-tracking the ammending of the CCAA and BIA now, so severed employees, Long-term disability and pensioners can become super-seeded creditors and be put on top of creditors lists, so the working class can get full payment?" Chris, Ottawa - votes: 36 up, 4 down

"When will the Federal government of Canada, which has authority over the Bankruptcy Act, make pension plans and pensioners secured creditors in the case of a Company's Bankruptcy?" DH, - votes: 166 up, 56 ddown

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  1. The basic problem Tom is that the "average Canadian" has absolutely no idea what "CCAA or BIA" is. A year ago I knew what CCAA was, but had no clue about the details and workings of BIA. Now I do most clearly.

    The questions posed are far too technical for the "average Canadian" to know how to vote. A lot of Canadians (probably the majority) do not have Defined Benefit Plans. ie no company pension. A person who does not understand the ramifications of the question will vote "Thumbs Down".

    Our retirement representatives in Canada should have understood this and advised people to pose questions appropriately.

    Anyway, we can'nt cry spilt milk over this

    I hope it works out for the better.

    Bill Murray
    Lilburn, Georgia USA