Monday, March 1, 2010

Stay order approved in US court against UK Pension

The Epic website has a docket # 2580 which apparently approved the stay on the UK pension claim against Nortel US. The document is a very short summary on minutes of a meeting held on 2/26/2010 on the topic. There was video participation from the UK and the minutes state that Item #10 order signed.

A confusing set of minutes to say the least. However item number 10 on the related docket #2516 was:

"Debtors’ Motion For Entry Of An Order Enforcing The Automatic Stay Against Certain Claimants With Respect To The U.K. Pension Proceedings (D.I. 2441, Filed 2/18/10)."

A similar situation exists in Canada but I haven't seen anything reported on the court's position on that yet.

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