Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rejected claims against Nortel US

I have heard from a few people about receiving packets from Epiq indicating lists of claims that had been rejected by Nortel. I was told by one of my contacts that when he called Epiq and Nortel there had been a duplication of his claim when they entered it into the database. It looked like someone had entered the information twice.

As a result the duplicate was rejected but the original claim was maintained and is still active. These were claims that had been calculated by Segal for those members of the US NRPC who had paid the money to have their claims verified by Segal, so it would have been extremely discouraging if the claim had really been rejected.

If you have received this package and are wondering about it I stongly suggest you call Epiq at 866 897 6435 to understand what this may mean to you. If your claim was calculated by Segal it is probably correct and properly registered if you sent in the forms before the bar date. The number I have for Segal is the one sent with their calculation for me and it is: 202 833 6445. Their web site is and there is also an email address

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