Monday, January 11, 2010

63 % vote for CBC to ask Canadian government about treatment of retirees

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is planning a set of questions for the Canadian government and have asked people to vote on the most pressing issues. You can vote at:

The 4th question on the list regarding the treatment of pensioners has by far the most votes with 63% responding. The questions and percentages so far are:

(1) What did the prime minister know about Afghan prisoners being transferred into unsafe Afghan prisons and when did he know it? 23% (2,410 votes)

(2 )With the government's new 'tough on crime' legislation what is the government's plan to house the influx of prisoners? 2% (207 votes)

(3) How is government listening to Canadians in advance of the new budget in March? 2% (259 votes)

(4) What will government do to protect the employees, pensioners and disabled workers who may be left without protection? 63% (6,659 votes)

(5) How does my representation in Ottawa work when there is no Parliament? 9% (999 votes)

Total Votes: 10,534

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