Saturday, January 23, 2010

Koskie Minsky Webinar - moved to early February 2010

Notice on the NRPC website for all of you interested in the Canadian webinar.

The Webinar with our lawyers, Koskie Minsky, which had been scheduled for Jan. 28 2010, will be moved out at least a week due to the current negotiations in the CCAA Court on the Interim Funding Mechanism. As soon as a new date is confirmed, we will post it on the web site. In the interim, please continue to send in your questions for the Webinar. Sorry for this delay, but it is necessary that the lawyers focus on esolving this major issue as quickly as possible.

To help us prepare for the webcast, please submit any questions that you would like answered in advance to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Instructions on time and how to register and join the webinar will follow shortly. Hundreds of former employees found a similar webinar last August to be very valuable and we expect this one to be just as beneficial to you in understanding the issues around your lost benefits, the processes involved, and what progress is being made.

For your information, K.M. has objected in the Canadian court to the Canadian Funding Agreement that was mentioned in previous posts. There is concern that this might be the last payment to the Canadian group. Since the vast majority of Nortel's remaining cash resides in the USA, the UK, EMEA, and Cala the concern is that NNC will not have sufficient cash to continue operations. Since NNC is the primary group handling bankruptcy proceedings, patents, etc they will not have enough money to keep going.

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