Friday, January 22, 2010

Rallies accross Canada to protest Parliament's vacation

For those of you who don't know, the PM of Canada has delayed the sitting of Parliament for this year until after the Winter Olympics. This "Prorogue" as it is called, will delay further any chance we retirees have of the government addressing the BIA act. There will be rallies across Canada to protest this Prorogue. Here's the information that was posted on the NRPC site:

No Prorogue" Rallies across Canada- Jan 23, 2010

This Sat. Jan, 23, 2009, rallies will be held all across Canada to let our Government know that we are not happy with the Prime Minister's call to prorogue Parliament. While Parliament is closed, they are not dealing with many issues of importance to all Canadians, such as pension protection, white collar crime and the economy. Please go to the following web site to obtain information about the time and location of a rally near you.

All of you Canadian retirees and friends should come out in support of NRPC members who will be speaking at several of these rallies!

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