Friday, January 29, 2010

Canadian CBC video on Nortel pensioner's plight

On Jan. 26, 2010, CBC's The National responded to the recent web poll which wanted the CBC to ask the Government what they were going to do to protect pensions, severance and disability benefits in this time of economic turmoil and bankruptcies.

Over 64% of the nearly 11,000 respondents voted for the pension question which had been put forward by Nortel pensioner, Eamon Halpin of Whitby.

Thanks to Eamon the impact of Nortel's bankruptcy on employees, the disabled and pensioners is in the news and featured personally on the video. The video is well worth watching. Lets hope that the Canadian Government comes to its senses and enacts legislation to help pensioners,LTD and ex-employeees who have been badly hurt by companies going bankrupt.

Canada should be ashamed that it lags behind the US, the UK and many other western countries which have enacted such legislation, or provide national pension insurance.

Click on the following link to see the CBC video that was played on Jan 26th.

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  1. Another video is on YouTube that shows 26 Jan 2010 News Conference re Bills C-476 "Nortel Bill" pensioners should be at the front of the creditor's line and not at the back ... and C-487 to protect workers on disability, the LTDs.

    Nortel NRPC: News Conf 26Jan2010 Sproule_Marston