Saturday, January 30, 2010

Canadian Liberal party plans to reintroduce the bill to amend the BIA

The following summary appeared on the NRPC web site updates from the Montreal group.

"On the political scene, the Liberals have confirmed they will reintroduce the Ringuette senate bill once Parliament resumes, this bill is to amend the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. This bill if passed would give pensioners a more preferential position and possibly receive a greater proportion of the assets upon wind up. The Liberals have assured us that they will support the bill."

Lets hope that the conservatives waken up to the plight of Canadian retirees. There is no assurance that pensions will be paid as promised. If this amendment is not enacted it is going to lead to a major reduction in the standard of living for thousands of Canadians and undeserved suffering from worry and concern for their future. Aren't the elected officials in the governement supposed to care for the people? Seems like they only are concerned for their own pockets and staying in power. Time for a change. Vote them out at the next chance.

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